Standard 2 1/2 Hour Walking Tour of Downtown St. Louis and other St. Louis neighborhoods:

$60 for four people or less; $75 for groups of five; $90 for groups of six

$100 for groups of 7-9; ten or more $10 per person

Cost for tours of longer or shorter lengths is negotiable and based upon the length of the tour and number of participants.



Private Coach Tours may be scheduled for a Half-Day (2 1/2 hours) or Full Day (5 to 5 1/2 hours including 1 hour for lunch).

Cost is dependent upon the length of the tour and number of participants.

One-hour Senior Group Narrated Coach Tours are also available with a $50 minimum.

Maureen’s Choice Coach Tours on special topics—including coach transport and driver gratuities—will cost as advertised at time of tour announcement. Check this web site for upcoming Maureen’s Choice Tours or subscribe to Maureen’s From “The Lou“ Blog to receive email notifications.



 Grades K thru 12 Half-Day Tours: $3 per student with a $50 minimum

Grades K thru 12 Full Day Tours: $5 per student with a $100 minimum

University & Post-Graduate 60 to 90 Minute Tours: $7 per student with a $50 minimum (Longer tours are available upon request. Cost is dependent upon the tour length and number of participants.)*

A former art teacher Maureen loves exploring St. Louis history, art and architecture with student groups ranging in age from Kindergarten through University Graduate Students. Student costs are purposely set low to make them affordable.

* Tours longer than 60 – 90 minutes are highly recommended for University & Post-Graduate Students. It’s difficult to cover a single landmark in depth in 60 minutes or less, much less part of a large, historic neighborhood.

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