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Forest Park cr smMaureen periodically advertises discounted Saturday Walking Tours of Downtown St. Louis and  Sign-Up Coach Tours of the Greater St. Louis Area on specific topics such as Civil War St. Louis and Haunting St. Louis. To sign up, contact Maureen at 314-368-8818 or


Two-and-a-Half-Hour Walking Tours are offered on announced Saturdays, April thru November, weather permitting, at the reduced rate of $10.00 per person (with a minimum of 10 people signed up). They can either be taken as morning or afternoon tours. They may also be reserved for private tours any day of the week.

The Canyon of Washington Avenue

This tour begins at 16th Street & Washington Avenue and ends at America’s Center/Convention Center at 6th Street & Washington. It covers the French Colonial period onward but highlights the current Downtown Renaissance including:

Convention ctrSM• The Ely Walker Lofts  • The Monogram Building  • The Garment District & Zipper Design  • The International Shoe Building  • City Museum  • Fashion Square Lofts  • 13th Street & Washington Avenue  • Missouri Park  • The Central Building of the St. Louis  Public Library  • Christ Church Cathedral  • Tucker Blvd. & Underground Caves  • Washington Avenue Club District  • L & M and The Merchandise Mart  • The Lammert Building  • The AIA Bookstore & The Landmarks Association of St. Louis  • St. Louis University’s First Campus  • America’s Center/Convention Center  • Statler Hilton/Lenox/Renaissance Grand Hotel Complex  • The Mercantile/U.S. Bank Tower  • S. B. & F., the Grand Leader & The Embassy Suites Hotel  • St. Louis Blues Museum  • St. Louis Center Revisited  • The Missouri Athletic Club  • Jeremiah Connor & President George Washington


Skyscraper Central

This tour begins outside Starbucks at 6th & Olive and ends at Schnucks Culinaria at 9th & Olive focusing on the many and varied skyscrapers in and around Post Office Square and Citygarden. It includes:

Keiner Plaza WestSM• Metropolitan Square  • The Marquette Building  • St. Louis Place  • The Railway Exchange Building  • 705 Olive  • The Chemical Bank Building  • The Wainwright Building  • Skyscrapers Surrounding Citygarden  • Bell/ATT Complex  • The Arcade and Paul Brown Buildings  • The Frisco Building  • U.S. Custom House and Post Office  • Schnucks Culinaria


Walking Colonial St. Louis

This tour begins and ends at The First Trail West Marker, at the east end of Kiener Plaza, on the sidewalk facing Broadway across from the Old Courthouse, and includes a virtual exploration of French and Spanish Colonial Saint Louis from 1763 – 1804.

• First Trail West Marker  • The Common Fields of Saint Louis  • The Old Courthouse  • Ottawa Chief Pontiac’s Burial Site  • Tower of Fort San Carlos & the Battle of Saint Louis  • Rue de La Tour/Tower Street  • The Street of Barns  • Mississippian Mound Builders  • The Mounds of St. Louis  • The Basilica of St. Louis, King of France  • Rue D’Eglise
/Church Street  • Slavery & Free People of Color  • Main Street/La Rue Royale  • La Poste de St. Louis  • La Place/Place Publique/Market Street  • The French and Creoles of Saint Louis  • The Bluffs of St. Louis  • La Poste de St. Louis  • William Clark’s Council Room  • The Mississippi River


Market Street: The First Street in St. Louis

This tour begins in Aloe Plaza across Market Street from Union Station with the Milles Fountain and ends at Memorial Drive. It includes:

City Garden OrangeSM• Aloe Plaza & Gateway Mall  • The Milles Fountain  • Union Station  • Scott Joplin & The Chestnut Valley  • Tom Turpin’s Rosebud Cafe  • Booker T. Washington Theater  • Main U.S. Post Office Murals  • Underground Caves  • Peabody Opera House Bears & Masks  • Municipal Courts Building  • Soldiers Memorial’s Winged Steeds  • The Court of Honor  • Missouri Pacific Building  • Washington Square & Sculpture of Pierre Laclede Liguest  • St. Louis City Hall & the Hotel de Ville Paris  • Ulysses S. Grant Sculpture  • The Civil Courts Building & its Gryphon Sphynxes  • St. Louis University Law School  • Twain  • 1010 Market Street  • Centerre/Bank of America Tower  • Southwestern Bell /AT&T Complex  • Citygarden Sculpture Park  • The General American Building  • Kiener Plaza & Fountain  • Spanish Pavilion & Ballpark Hilton  • Market Street & Broadway  • The Old Courthouse  • Dred Scott Way & Sculpture  • Fur Exchange/Drury Gateway Arch  • Luther Ely Smith Park  • The Jefferson Expansion Memorial  • Gateway Arch & Main Street  • La Place Publique


St. Louis in the Civil War

This tour begins in Kiener Plaza directly across the street the street from the doors to the Old Courthouse and ends either at the Campbell House Museum or on Laclede’s Landing. It covers:

• The Old Courthouse  • Dred & Harriet Scott Sculpture & Dred Scott Way  • Elizabeth Hobbs Keckley & Broadway  • Old Busch Stadium & Lynch’s Slave Pens  • The Myrtle Street Prison  • The Chestnut Street Women’s Prison  • The U.S. Custom House & Post Office/The Old Post Office  • The Campbell House Museum and St. John, the Apostle & Evangelist Church  • The Port of St. Louis  • Rev. John Berry Meachum & The Freedom Boat  • James Eads & The Iron-Clad Gun Boats  • Underground Railroad Safe Room on Laclede’s Landing  • Camp Ethiopia



CoachTour2SMThese are tours for which Maureen books the coach. They are open to the general public.
All of these tours are full-day, five-to-five-and-a-half-hour tours that include an hour break for lunch.
Because of the requirements for my renting a coach, reservations for these tours must be received no later than 30 days prior to the scheduled tour date.

French Colonial Saint Louis
This tour covers the broad geographic parameters of the Colonial Village of Saint Louis from Sugar Loaf Mound in the south to Mound Street in the north, from the Mississippi River in the east to beyond Grand Avenue in the west, and St. Louis history from 1764 to 1804 when Lewis & Clark arrived to witness the transfer of power from Spain to the United States of America. It includes such sites as Sugar Loaf Mound, the Peoria Indian Village, Joseph Motard’s outbuilding on McKay Place, the Common Fields of Saint Louis, the French Colonial Village proper, Fort San Carlos, the Old Courthouse and the Old Cathedral.

Civil War St. Louis
St. Louis was as hotly divided as any city in the nation in the years leading up to and during the Civil War. It would prove critical to the survival of the Union in the War Between the States. This tour tells the stories of that dramatic era and includes such sights as the Federal Arsenal of the West, the Chatillon-DeMenil Mansion, the Gratiot Street Prison, the Mississippi River, Camp Ethiopia, the Chestnut Street Women’s Prison, the Massacre at Lindell’s Grove, the Sculpture of Ulysses S. Grant in Washington Square, The Old Post Office, the Campbell House Museum, and the Confederate Memorial in Forest Park or Civil War Graves of Note in Bellefontaine & Calvary Cemeteries.

Haunting St. Louis

The perfect October outing, Haunting St. Louis is historically atmospheric any time of year, including such sites as Indian Cave, The Lemp Mansion, Lafayette Park, the Gratiot Street Prison, The Campbell House Museum, City Museum, The Old Post Office, The Eugene Field House Museum, Ballpark Village, St. Louis University’s Verhagen Hall, Bellefontaine Cemetery, and Hortense Place in the Central West End.


Historic Bellefontaine & Calvary Cemeteries

angelLIGHTTwo of St. Louis’ most historic and architecturally rich cemeteries face each other across Calvary Road in north St. Louis. Established in the middle of the 19th century and still evolving, it’s been said that the entire history of St. Louis can be told within these two cities of the dead.

Highlights of the two cemeteries may include the grave sites of the following: explorer and Missouri Territorial Governor William Clark, Manuel Lisa & Mary Hempstead, Col. John O’Fallon, Dr. William Beaumont, Robert Barnes, Adolphus & Lily Anheuser Busch, fur traders Robert Campbell & William Sublette, James Buchanan Eads, Edward Bates, Riverboat Captain Isaiah Sellers, Senator Thomas Hart Benton, The Lemp & Wainwright Mausoleums, David Rowland Francis, Roswell Field, Susan Blow, Sara Teasdale, Tennessee Williams, Kate Chopin, the Famille Chouteau, Nez Perce Tribesmen, the Founding Families of St. Louis, Antoine & Julia Cerre Soulard, Fr. Peter DeSmet, Dred Scott, General William Tecumseh Sherman, and Dr. Thomas Dooley.

*All of the above walking tours are available upon request for private groups. The coach tours may be done as private tours as well in a van or mini-coach.

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