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IMG_4792Private groups may email or phone Maureen to schedule tours in which Maureen steps aboard the bus or coach that your group hires. Themes for day trips or half-day trips may be selected from a menu of tour possibilities. Maureen gives the driver directions and narrates the tour which you have chosen. This option is great for school groups, Scout groups, church groups, Seniors organizations, birthday parties. You schedule the bus and driver and let St. Louis Walking Tours show the sights of the city and surrounding area to your group. All of the tours listed below are full-day, five-to-five-and-a-half-hour tours that include an hour break for lunch. They may be divided into half-day tours for private groups. The cost for these private, step-aboard tours depends upon the length of the tour and the number of people in the group.

French Colonial Saint Louis
This tour describes the broad geographic parameters of the Colonial Village of Saint Louis from Sugar Loaf Mound in the south to Mound Street in the north, from the Mississippi River in the east to beyond Grand Avenue in the west. It covers St. Louis history from 1763 to 1804, when Lewis & Clark arrived to witness the transfer of power from Spain to the United States of America. It includes such sites as Sugar Loaf Mound, the Peoria Indian Village, Joseph Motard’s Outbuilding on McKay Place, the Common Fields of Saint Louis, The Old Courthouse, The Old Cathedral, Fort San Carlos, and the Mississippi Riverfront downtown.

Lewis and Clark in the Mississippi River Valley
This tour traces the footsteps of Captains Meriwether Lewis and William Clark in and around downtown St. Louis before and after the Corps of Discovery’s great expedition to the Pacific Ocean. It may include such sites as Main Street in Colonial St. Louis, The Old Courthouse in downtown St. Louis, William Clark’s Death Place on 4th Street, Cahokia Courthouse and Holy Family Log Church in Cahokia Village, Illinois, Camp Du Bois, Illinois, the Confluence Tower, and the Gravesite of William Clark in St. Louis’ Bellefontaine Cemetery.

Civil War St. Louis
St. Louis was as hotly divided as any city in the United States in the years leading up to and during the Civil War. Yet it proved critical to the survival of the Union in the War Between the States. This tour tells the stories of that dramatic era and includes such sites as the Federal Arsenal of the West, the Chatillon-DeMenil Mansion, the Gratiot Street Prison, Camp Jackson & Lindell’s Grove, the Statue of Ulysses S. Grant in Washington Square, the Myrtle Street Prison, The Old Post Office, the Confederate Women’s Prison on Chestnut Street, and the Old Courthouse. Some tours include Civil War graves in Bellefontaine and Calvary Cemeteries, others The Ulysses S. Grant Historic Site at White Haven or the Missouri Civil War Museum at Jefferson Barracks or the Union and Confederate Memorials in Forest Park.

The Great Cyclone of 1896
This tour retraces the deadly path taken by proportionately the 4th most destructive tornado in U.S. history from the highest point in the City of St. Louis (where it began) to the Eads Bridge (300 feet of which it demolished) before laying waste to East St. Louis, Illinois. The tour includes The Hill, Tower Grove Park, Compton Heights, Lafayette Square, Soulard, Downtown St. Louis and the Mississippi Riverfront.

Downtown Renaissance
From renovated warehouses and townhouses to landscaped city gardens, Downtown St. Louis has become a world model of Urban Renaissance. This tour includes numerous sites such as  Union Station, Market Street, Washington Avenue, the newly restored Old Cathedral, the Central Building of the St. Louis Public Library, City Museum, the Old Post Office, the Paul Brown and Lammert Buildings, an underground Metro Station, and a stroll through Citygarden. It may also include a visit to a loft or The Campbell House Museum.

Haunting St. Louis
The perfect October tour, Haunting St. Louis is historically atmospheric any time of year. It includes such sites as Indian Cave in Benton Park, The Lemp Mansion, Lafayette Park, the Gratiot Street Prison, The Campbell House Museum, the Old Busch Stadium, the Underground Safe Room Beneath Morgan Street on Laclede’s Landing, St. Louis University’s Verhagen Hall, Bellefontaine Cemetery and Hortense Place in the Central West End.

Great Tastes of St. Louis
From beignets (New Orleans style doughnuts) to toasted ravioli, from grape leaf rolls to frozen custard, from chicken satay to smokehouse barbecue, St. Louis has it all. Let me know what kind of a sweet and/or salty tour you’d like because the choices are endless! Groups may choose from a menu of St. Louis favorites that include stops at such culinary landmarks as Gus’ Pretzels, Ted Drewes’ Frozen Custard, Bissingers Chocolates, Rigazzi’s Restaurant, The Cafe Ventana, Half-Pint Bakery, Merbs Chocolates, The Fountain on Locust, St. Louis Hills Donuts, Hodaks, The Missouri Baking Company, The King and I, and Bogart’s Smokehouse, to name but a few. Of course the distances between shops and restaurants are filled with stories.

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