Thanks so much for the tour. I was tremendously impressed with the breadth and depth of your knowledge. A most enlightening experience.

David Lancaster      Editor, Where Magazine St. Louis


As a professor of American history, I recommend Maureen Kavanaugh’s St. Louis Walking Tours to any one – old or young – who wants to learn about this great city’s past or present. During my first visit to St. Louis over Memorial Day 2010, I went on two tours of the city — one with a large bus company and the other by foot with Ms. Kavanaugh. The walking tour surpassed the bus tour hands down! Far beyond the one-dimensional knowledge offered by a memorized script and its reader/driver, Ms. Kavanaugh’s expertise of local, regional, and national history was seemingly exhaustive. She presented not only information but also analysis and synthesis — even connections to recent environmentally-sustainable urban planning initiatives! There was no question that I asked for which she didn’t have an answer, from Native American mythology to the intricacies of 19th century architectural design. Simply put, no visit to St. Louis is complete without a St. Louis Walking Tour. Thank you, Maureen!

 Kaley M. Carpenter, Ph. D., Villa Nova University


Thank you so much!! Your “Early St. Louis Walking Tour” for children, families, and school groups is most extraordinary! Our third graders learned so much about the history of St. Louis and were very excited to actually stand where events took place: the very first settlement of St. Louis including the location of our founding father Pierre Laclede’s fur trading post and early home; the western-most Revolutionary War Battle at Fort San Carlos, the burial site of Ottowa Chief Pontiac, and the start of the Oregon Trail, to name just a few.

You brought to life your vast knowledge of St. Louis history and architecture, making it exciting and memorable for the children. Your tour is a perfect supplement to what we teach in the classroom!

Marty Hoessle, 3rd Grade Teacher at Community School, Ladue, Missouri, and Author of Under Three Flags, Exploring Early St. Louis History


Your tour has been mentioned repeatedly as a highlight of the two weeks Dave’s family spent in America. Your love of and knowledge of St. Louis shone through every minute of our tour. You’ve set a standard other guides will struggle to live up to.

Miranda Winram, North Yorkshire, U.K


I hope the St. Louis Chamber of Commerce knows what a ‘gem’ they have in you. A wonderful, wonderful tour!

My friends that were going to join us, washed out their clothes the night before, got up and they weren’t dry. They were at the pool’s dryer while we enjoyed spending the morning with you. They were just sick! And really felt bad when we told them how much we enjoyed it.

I certainly could never do a tour of Seattle like you did, but if you ever decide to come out, please let me know. I will get you lined up with a good tour guide.

Janet and Ger, Seattle, WA


I cannot thank you enough for the phenomenal experience you provided for my class last week. I never know what to expect when I organize something via the internet. You exceeded all of my expectations. We all felt the power of your words and understand our own community more deeply. I cannot sing your praises enough. Thank you!

Cheryl Maayan, Saul Mirowitz Day School-Reform Jewish Academy


We have arrived home. What a wonderful time! Everyone is still talking about our tour. After hearing our excitement, my parents want to go on a tour too. I am forwarding your information to them so they can make plans for their next trip. Tim wants to come back with them.

Trevor is excited about looking up the architects on the computer and getting some books to do further studies. I am glad to see him excited about history. You have a gift to inspire enthusiasm in art and history. Thank you.

Your stories captivated us and really brought the buildings’ designers to life. We each learned something new.

We enjoyed your tour and your company. You are a marvelous person. Thank you for giving us your time.

Julie Gooch


I feel very fortunate to have found you on the internet, you were PERFECT for this reunion group–knowledgeable and entertaining, meticulous and prepared, flexible to deal with the “looping” I had to do to get everyone transported. This tour was great!

Patrick M., Raleigh, NC (WWII Engineers Reunion Organizer)

Your walking tour of St. Louis was THE BEST. I particularly loved the information on the architecture–the architects, the descriptions of the buildings and all the precious art on and in the buildings. It, too, was exciting to hear about the rush of the progress in downtown St. Louis today: the life coming back to those old beautiful buildings with condos, hotels, office space and stores.

Your knowledge of the past and present instilled in me more great pride for our wonderful City of St. Louis. I would and will recommend your tour to anyone familiar with St. Louis or any first time visitor to St. Louis.

Judi Taylor, St. Louis, MO


Thanks again for giving our group a walking tour of downtown St. Louis. We enjoyed the historical perspective, architectural insights, mural explanations, nice anecdotes, and brisk pace. It was fun, upbeat, and educational, plus the knowledge you shared with us made the rest of our stay in St. Louis even more enjoyable.

Your web site stresses student tours, but our group of 4 adults thought it was tremendous and we have already recommended it to others. It was great.

Ken Brandt, New York City, NY


We so enjoyed spending time with you last week. Your tour was fabulous and you truly made St. Louis come alive with its rich history and culture for us.

You were so patient with the translating and the extra time that required. We did appreciate that.

We can see why you love your City so much. I hope we will have an opportunity to join you again next year.

Pat (coordinator/translator for an Italian tour group)


I just wanted to thank you for another wonderful tour of St. Louis. Your knowledge of the city and its sights is extraordinary, second to none! Our senior citizens love your trips, which is why we keep coming back for more. We look forward to seeing you again in the near future and setting up our 4th tour with you.

Tim Brinks, Program Specialist City of Hazelwood Parks & Recreation


I just wanted to thank you again for the wonderful walking tour of old St. Louis. Without you, the exploration of my ancestral haunts would have been much less meaningful. Your knowledge and enthusiasm greatly enhanced the overall experience and made me feel like I was living in the time of the Wilders. It has also spurred me to delve more into the historical background of St. Louis during this time to understand how the people lived, their customs, beliefs, hopes and fears.

Chris Rios, Murrieta, CA

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