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Fan Mail

ChoraleWhat a surprise!!!!!!!! The chorale is magnificent. The tone, interpretation, blend, expression and feeling, was far beyond anything I had imagined. The diction was impeccable. Even though the text was printed, the enunciation and articulation was perfect. No one needed to look at the printed words.

I cannot praise the director, Kathy Lawton Brown enough. Her personality, direction, warmth, and stage presence certainly made the concert an experience to remember. And John, the accompaniment was superb. You always perform significantly wonderful.

I look forward to hearing them perform again. Thanks for a wonderful Sunday afternoon.

Hal McGhee

RE: Concerts for Maryville Coalition to End Interpersonal Violence
November 13 & 14, 2010

The unisons were all right on. The harmonic sections were well in tune. Each melody went somewhere and descended from its apex with satisfaction. Rhythmically always appropriate and ensemble was admirable. Choral tone was good always to excellent.

Rev. Dr. Robert R. Bergt

“Sköll, Cheers, L’Chaim, Salud, À Votre Santé…no matter how you say it, here’s to you!”  You deserve many accolades!  Brava!  Well Done!

While I could literally sing your praises ad infinitum, if I could choose one word to describe the performance of the Women’s Chorale, it would be breathtakingI cannot begin to tell you how much I appreciate your telling me about this stunning concert.  Mother, Michael and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

When Dr. Bergt so beautifully complimented you last Monday [in Kantorei rehearsal], I raised my hand, wanting to echo his sentiments from a woman’s perspective, but he didn’t see me. Because, Kathy, beyond the excellence of your conducting and the fine quality of the singing, what echoed throughout the exquisite strains of music and exemplary lyrics, were the voices of the feminine --- the voices who will NOT remain silent, despite the abuse, the violence, the oppression. The voices of the feminine, created in their Creator’s image, must be heard and must sing freely--because He is a God of freedom--whose truth, indeed, sets both our voices and our souls FREE.

You were able to capture this through the exuberance of your persona and conducting, your endearing, compassionate remarks, and the choice of truly significant music--AND the exquisite white-rosed “Dona Nobis Pacem.”  

I wept off & on during the concert. Thank you for this unforgettable blessing!!

Lynn Morrissey

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