We’ve Moved! Downstairs!

Happy to announce, we are (a Yodaism, for sure) that we moved our offices of Triune Worldwide to a larger, nicer and sunnier location.


Oh, we’re still in the City Museum building but now we’re on the fun side, with big windows looking out on MonstroCity where we can watch kids falling to their demise…es… any time of the year.


{Here’s the view from our window through the aluminet screen to keep the sun out of our eyes.}


We also have our own bathroom with a shower, a kitchen with a microwave, an oven, a fridge and a dishwasher, for heaven sakes!

{What I said}


We also have a neat sign made and installed by our good friends at Engraphix.

{The Sign.}


Come up and see us sometime. But call first.

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